Clubs & Societies for postgraduates: UCC Planning Society

This is our second blog highlighting that Clubs and Societies are for graduate students and getting involved in clubs and societies during your postgraduate programme is a great way to get further involved in university life.


By Pat O’Brien, Auditor, PlanSoc

The UCC Planning Society is an academic society dedicated to the issues of spatial planning and its associated fields. The Planning Society in UCC is a small but active society and we hold a number of events each year, including presentations from people involved in the profession, an annual dinner, society quiz and as of this year, a conference focused on some of the key issues within the planning profession. The society is open to all students, however it mainly attracts postgraduate students who have an interest in the different aspects of planning and how the built environment and society interact with one another.

This year the society held its very first planning conference. The conference aimed to focus on the issues that young planners would have to deal with in the planning profession and the role that professional accreditation has in the planners career. The conference ended with a panel discussion on the failures of planning in an Irish context where all of the days speakers weighed their opinions onĀ Ireland’sĀ past faults, but also highlighted positive aspects and contributions of planning in Ireland. Speakers included Mr. Brendan O’Sullivan, Director in the Centre for Planning Education and Research UCC; Mr. Joseph Kilroy, Policy Officer with the Royal Town Planning Institute; Mr. Sean O’Leary, Executive Director of the Irish Planning Institute’ and Mr. Frank McDonald, Environmental Editor at the Irish Times.

The society is always looking for new members and encourage people from all different disciplines to get involved and to contribute to the planning societies presence on campus and to raise awareness of how planning impacts the daily lives of everybody.