Societies are for postgraduates too and here’s one for foodies who are interested in fermentation…


“Fermentation is everything” as famously preached by Louis Pasteur, the granddaddy of fermentation. We also believe this is true, fermentation effects many common foods and it doesn’t have to be declared on the ingredient list. Have you ever wondered why cheese is so delicious? Or why bread tastes so great? Fermentation is the reason, it has been used for thousands of years to preserve foods and is still used everywhere.

The fermentation society was founded in 2014 by a group of postgraduate food science students. We are interested in the origins of these food transformations and more importantly, tasting them.

We organise and host events with a connection to fermentation. To give you an example, last November we invited Elisabeth Ryan from Sheridans cheese mongers to UCC to give a talk on Irish cheese. Thankfully Elisabeth brought samples of these delicious cheeses to taste and talked us through the differences between each one. She also researched some wines (not Irish, in case you were wondering) to match the cheeses and some amazing Irish beer and cheese combinations.

Just to be clear… we don’t just gorge on cheese; we also collaborated with the Archaeology society and hosted Declan Moore to give a talk on the early history of Irish beer. Declan had a theory that we could have been making beer here for 3500 years! He gave us a great talk on the evidence from around the world on early brewing techniques and how Fulacht fiadhs could have been used.

The upcoming semester is still being planned and includes brewery tours with film screenings, bakery tours, expert wine tastings, quiz tastings and much much more. If you’re interested in attending our events or want to get more involved in the society send us an email, find us on Facebook or Twitter and let us know. New members are always very welcome.

Twitter @FermentationSoc