Career options after MA in Work and Organisational Psychology/Behaviour

By Course Director Dr Carol Linehan

MA in Work and Organisational Psychology/Behaviour

What is it about?

Would you like to develop your understanding of people, work and organisations?  Psychology applied to the domain of work is a fascinating area offering many employment opportunities.  From improving recruitment decisions to understanding how technology affects our work performance, from individual motivation to developing organizational capacity, psychology can be applied to enhancing peoples’ well-being and performance at work and contributing to organisational effectiveness.

By engaging with the programme you will develop a range of practical skills in conducting research, critical thinking and analysis, and a range of competencies relevant to professional work such as selection and assessment, negotiation, consulting, etc. The aim is to equip graduates of this programme with the building blocks to operate as effective and reflective professionals.

What career options are there?

This programme, delivered partly online, is open to graduates from a range of backgrounds wishing to pursue career options as work and organisational specialists, work psychologists, human resource managers, management consultants, trainers, or researchersAcross all sectors of employment, wherever ‘work’ or ‘organisational behaviour’ is happening you have a potential job role.

Where can I get more information?

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