What is a conversion course and why do it?

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Conversion courses offer students the opportunity to take up a postgraduate qualification in an area where they do not have previous experience. Taking a conversion course allows students to change direction from their undergraduate degree.

If you have just finished a course but strongly feel like changing direction, or if you have an undergraduate degree and a few years work experience but know you would like to get into a different area, then a conversion course might be the right option for you.

Why take a postgraduate conversion course?

– Change study direction.

– Change career path.

– Study a subject that you have no previous experience in, but have always wanted to study.

– Enhance your job prospects.

In UCC we have a wide variety of conversion courses on offer. So why not think about converting to IT, Business, Humanities, Psychology or any of the many choices outlined below.

Accounting and Corporate Finance (HDip)
Archaeology (HDip in Arts)
Art History – History of Art (HDip in Arts)
Asian Business (MSc)
Biology – Marine Biology Conversion Programme (PG Cert)
BĂ©aloideas (HDip in Arts)
Celtic Civilisation (HDip in Arts)
Computer Science – Applied Computing Technology (HDip)
Computer Science – Interactive Media (MSc)
Co-operative Organisation, Food Marketing and Rural Development (PG Dip)
Creative Writing (MA)
Digital Arts and Humanities (MA)
Digital Cultures (MA)
Economics (Competition Governance and Society) (HDip)
Electronic Business (MSc)
English (HDip in Arts)
Executive MBA (MBA)
Folklore – Irish Folklore (HDip in Arts)
French (HDip in Arts)
Gaelic Literature (MA)
Geography (HDip in Arts)
German (HDip in Arts)
Greek and Roman Civilisation (HDip in Arts)
History (HDip in Arts)
Information Systems for Business Performance (MSc)
Innovation, Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship (MSc)
International Public Policy and Diplomacy (MSc)
Irish – Nua-Ghaeilge/Modern Irish (HDip in Arts)
Irish Studies: Identities and Representations (MA)
Italian (HDip in Arts)
Management and Marketing (MSc)
Management Information and Managerial Accounting Systems (MSc)
Museum Studies (MA)
Music (HDip in Arts)
Philosophy (HDip in Arts)
Politics (HDip in Arts)
Psychology (Conversion Course) (HDip)
Religion – Study of Religions (HDip in Arts)
Social Policy (HDip)
Sociology (HDip in Arts)
Spanish (HDip in Arts)
Women’s Studies (MA)

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