I dreamt of UCC on a starry night

By: Noemi Magugliani who starts the LL.M. International Human Rights Law and Public Policy this September.


Everything starts with a dream, (some) people say. Well, my journey to Cork started off with a peculiar twist. A very special someone moved from grey Milan to green Cork and I dreamt of UCC on a starry night, while fighting the cold(est) spring in New Hampshire some months ago. I knew that the School of Law was one of the best and I thought: “Why not?”, and started working on application forms, motivational letter, documents and the nightmare of any international student: paperwork. I got the big news while I was driving (don’t tell the cops!) in Northern Italy, my mother couldn’t keep herself from unfastening her seatbelt and I had to pull over to let her hug me. And scream in my ear. And call half of the relatives. And cry because I was going to be gone for another year. But this is another story…

I was blown away by the idea of flying off to Ireland, which I had never seen before, starting the LL.M. in International Human Rights Law and Public Policy and joining the amazing UCC family, home to over 4.000 postgraduate students, the UCC ladies soccer team, my sweetheart. Many things have changed in the past few months, including my sentimental status, but not the excitement to join UCC. Craziness happened, that’s for sure, from accommodation to timetables, from finding a job to registration, from bank letters to overnight Ryanair flights. But here I am, in late August, packing my 15 kilos suitcase with the essentials: a bunch of winter clothes, my very special soccer shoes, a couple of evergreen books that I have been carrying around in my constant wandering and plenty of expectations. And coffee.

A new country, new mentors, new teammates, new friends; a brand new life waiting for me, a dream that will start feeling true the moment I will land in Dublin and get on a coach to Cork. Seminars, lectures, societies, clubs, meetings, papers – my small (maybe too small) agenda is already full of notes and things to do and places to see; my desire to learn, engage, participate is higher than ever. I fell in love with the University the moment I laid my eyes on its astonishing architecture, its green lawns and its magnificent libraries on a sunny August day. I fell in love with Cork walking down Oliver Plunkett Street, getting lost downtown, watching the sun setting on the water. I fell in love with Ireland as I saw its shape from the sky, amazed by its colours. And I can’t wait for it to conquer my heart and brain over and over again.


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