Masters in Food Science at UCC


Blog by Jason Lynam

In September 2014 I started my Masters in Food Science at UCC, and I can say to date that it has been a very enjoyable experience. When I started my undergraduate science course I was unsure of what I wanted to do after college, and that’s when I started looking into my postgraduate course options. My love of food and my experience in science culminated in what seemed like the perfect choice of future career, as a food scientist.

In order to attain this career I found that there were a number of possible options within Ireland and for me I was looking at all courses with a non-biased approach. Whichever course was best I was going to go for, and as you can garner from reading this UCC won on all fronts.

UCC ranks 4th worldwide in terms of food science, which makes it an excellent addition to the CV of any food scientist, and after spending the last number of months here I can see why it has achieved this position. One thing that is clear within UCC that I would say is far more apparent than in other universities, is that UCCs staff is among the most creative and helpful I have ever come across, and they will do there upmost to ensure that you achieve the most of your potential.

This is far easier than you imagine, as all the lecturers show their passion for their individual subject areas while lecturing, which makes every day of lectures an enjoyable experience.

The course provides a large number of choices in terms of modules and allows you to pick areas that you would find interesting and that can be tailored to whatever direction you would like your future career to take. For me I would love to go into research and development once I have completed this course, and through undertaking the masters’ research project you get a real feel for what you can anticipate and what is expected of you in your future employment.

For future students the advice that I would give is that, if you want a course that is more than you just an academic learning experience and one that provides you with a massive amount of hands on involvement, UCC is your best choice. As after completing almost half my course I can say that it was an excellent choice of course and that I would recommend it highly to anyone that has even the slightly inclination towards pursuing a career within the food science industry.


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