Study a Master of Government at UCC


Two students who recently completed a Master’s in Government at UCC, offer their opinion.

My experience at UCC was an enriching one from beginning to end. Not only does it offer an excellent academic experience, it also gives students direct and constant access to experts in the field of government and public policy. The Masters of Business Science at UCC is an excellent program for anyone looking for an immersed educational experience at a welcoming academic institution.
(Kanan Kothari, MBS Government 2014)

I am delighted to have recently completed my MBS in Governance at UCC with first class honours. I commenced the course as a part-time student in 2012 not having studied for over 20 years. Whilst I found it initially daunting, the programme head and team were very supportive and open in all modules. The coursework is busy with lots of assignments and essays, but very topical and interesting. I was introduced to topics in political science that I had never previously studied and which have sparked new interests for me. In my own work role within policy making and regulation, it has given me a broader and fresher perspective, and enabled me to develop research skills and structure in presenting my work. Overall, it was both challenging and busy, but also certainly a very rewarding learning experience. I feel a great sense of achievement having completed it.
(Marie Gould, MBS Government 2014)

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