PhD advice


Some good advice from UCC PhD student Krishnakumar Chullipalliyalil

  • It is often only at the end of your PhD that you truly learn how to do a PhD ! Don’t panic, that is the way it is. Count each encounter as an experience.
  • Not each negative result that you obtain is a waste. A result is still a result. Often we neglect taking some data or avoid taking data just because we think it will not be worth it. Don’t get disappointed when you obtain a negative result, because that is the only way you can learn.
  • Don’t wait for things to happen, make them happen. Often you will wait for your supervisor/mentor to advise you on every next step. If you are confident enough, move forward, take a decision and see it through to the end. This will impress your supervisor.
  • Have fun while you work. Take breaks, go on holidays, enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. Do something different everyday, like taking an alternative route on your way back home after work.
  • Don’t over do it. Often you get unfocussed, and might end up losing lots of time if you try too hard. Always know what your goal is and work towards that. Remember your PhD should be done within a limited time frame.
  • Your PhD is ultimately your responsibility , no matter how helpful your mentor/supervisor is. So even if you feel like your in no mans land without a helping hand, look for that one loop hole which will get you through, it exists just really look for it.

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