The Philosophy behind choosing UCC

By: Conor Nolan who starts the Philosophy HDip in Arts this September.

Every good story needs a back story:

In 2013 I graduated from my primary degree in Management Science. The rationale I used to choose this course were pragmatic, it was a technical course which would lend proficiencies in business, mathematics and computer science. I surmised this would increase my employability and it did. However, something was missing. After running the gauntlet of the job market and some serious soul searching, I found I had not followed my passion but rather my rational mind. In my search to find my passion, I did not find one but many.


It was British Philosopher Alan Watts who acted as my career guide. I learned about the Philosophies of the East and found I had a great love of wisdom and a new path to travel. Upon enquiry into postgraduate courses in Philosophy I found UCC’s Higher Diploma in Philosophy which covered oriental philosophies while giving a comprehensive choice of modules in every area I wished to learn about. The icing on the cake was that it was in Cork! I am from Athlone and although I am well-travelled I had never been to the real capital of Ireland. I had heard the stories and the accent but I needed to experience it first-hand. I have walked the campus grounds and I was very impressed with the quiet and relaxed atmosphere.


Cork city is vibrant, the people are cordial and always ready to chat, I have had several great conversations with Cork natives since I have arrived. I have sorted accommodation and a part-time job, so the academic year is really shaping up to be one to remember. There was some planning to be done to make this transition to Cork, finances had to be organised, research into the course modules had to be completed and living arrangements had to be made. These pieces have fallen into place beautifully and now I am looking forward to enjoying college life and all that Cork has to offer. I have to bring some essentials for my time in Cork; a desk and chair for doing college work while at home, my bedside lamp for doing any late night reading, my laptop, pens and paper for recording any miraculous ideas I might have and perhaps a skull for my desk to remind me of the value of time! I leave you with a quote from the Philosopher that inspired me to take choose this UCC course in Philosophy.


The only way to make sense of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance

Alan Watts

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