Studying Contemporary Migration and Diaspora Studies at UCC

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Blog by Diana Saltykova

As a part of Erasmus Mundus MITRA Master’s program, I spent one semester of my post-graduate studies at UCC. More precisely, I participated in the Master’s program in Contemporary Migration and Diaspora Studies offered by the Geography Department. It was my first time in Ireland and I have been really excited for my experience of studying in Cork.

I took three courses at the Geography department and I have been very satisfied with the quality of education I received. The lecturers were well-prepared and distributed readings materials in advance, so that we could base ourselves on these readings while discussing the topics in class. I have particularly enjoyed meeting the guest speakers who came from different governmental and non-governmental organizations in the area of migration. First, guest speakers helped us relate theoretical readings and investigations to real-world examples and situations. Secondly, through guest lecturers we were introduced to the job market for graduates. In addition, I obtained a thorough understanding of social science research methodologies. Each lecturer presented his or her own experience in researching as well as suggested important readings on the topic.

Overall, I am grateful to Dr. Liam Coakley for organizing the program and accommodating to our needs. It is also worth mentioning that the university campus itself was great: it offered a great library facility and a spacious student center. Thus, I highly recommend the Contemporary Migration and Diaspora Studies to anyone interested in working in migration field.

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